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Paperwork done. We await Kenya to release Nadeem Anjarwalla -Interpol

The Vice-President of International Criminal Police Organisation for Africa (INTERPOL Africa), Garba Umar, says all paperwork has been completed for the extradition of the fleeing executive of Binance Holdings Limited, Nadeem Anjarwalla.

He said the organisation is currently engaging with the Kenyan government by presenting the relevant treaties, Memorandum of Understanding and other documents to convince the Kenyan government to release and send Anjarwalla back to Nigeria to face his trial.

Umar spoke on Tuesday on Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily programme.

He said, “For every country, there is a law. If a fugitive escapes, there are processes which that country follows up on.

“INTERPOL will only provide information to assist that country, informing them about the bilateral agreements, the MoU, and the signed conventions for extraditing a fleeing fugitive. The process is ongoing.

“Nadeem is not an exception, and rest assured, we have all the cooperation, and we are working on it. And definitely, one day, he will be brought to justice.

“It is just a matter of time. We have completed all the paperwork. All the law enforcement agencies have completed the paperwork and handed it over to Interpol, which is working on it.

“We are now doing everything possible to ensure that the country (Kenya) complies with INTERPOL rules of international police cooperation by initiating the extradition process to bring him back to face justice in Nigeria.

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“As soon as Nadeem Anjarwalla escaped [from Nigeria], INTERPOL was officially informed. We went into action to gather all the data and information about him and share it across 196 countries.

“We were able to track his movements, know where he was going, and eventually, he landed in a particular country.

“Don’t forget, as soon as this individual escaped, there was a massive manhunt for him. We contacted many countries where we believed he might have boarded a plane or travelled by road to another location.

“We obtained certain information that I cannot share on this platform. Rest assured, we located his whereabouts, how he travelled, and gathered all the necessary information to prevent his escape from justice.

“The technology is good, but at times, it comes with consequences. And these consequences can be mitigated by bringing morality into it. This is worrisome, honestly, but INTERPOL, on its part, is bringing AI. But first, we are introducing the METAVERSE RETROVIRUS to help in artificial intelligence.

“We are doing a lot to assist law enforcement agencies across the globe to make sure that fighting cybercrime is the number one priority and to give them all the modern tools and services.

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The government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has established a state-of-the-art cybercrime centre run by the Nigeria Police Force. We have the best cybercrime centres, one in Rwanda and one in Nigeria, and they are all sophisticated.”

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