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Pepsi slashes sugar content in classic drink

Pepsi has slashed the sugar content in its classic fizzy drink by 57%, saying it is part of its work to “provide healthy products” to customers.

The “reformulated” Pepsi is sweetened with a blend of acesulfame potassium and sucralose, PepsiCo said in a statement.

The changes mean a 330ml can will now contain 15g of sugar, when previously it was 36g.

A two-litre bottle will have 91g, down from 213g, and the sugar content of a 500ml bottle has been cut from 53.25g to 22.75g.

The new bottles and cans hit supermarket shelves in March, but pubs and restaurants will continue to serve the higher sugar version.

PepsiCo said its team had been “working to reformulate this product so that it has less sugar but still maintain the great taste people expect.”

“Our recipe change is part of our ongoing work to provide healthy products. We have updated the nutritional labelling on pack and on our website,” it said.

Some customers have voiced their health concerns via Twitter.

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“I’m allergic to sweetener and it totally caught me out today,” one person wrote.

This is even as Diabetes UK has flagged the change to diabetics who use Pepsi as a hypo treatment to boost blood sugar levels when they drop too low.

“If you use Pepsi as a hypo treatment, then it is important to be aware of this change, as you are likely to need a larger volume of the new version to effectively treat your hypo,” the organisation said in a statement.

One person wrote on Twitter: “As a Type-1 diabetic, this is equally annoying. When my blood sugar is low, I need something high sugar and quick. I’m running out of options as sugars are lowered and replaced by sweeteners in products.”

The changes could, however, prove cheaper for Pepsi fans.

Responding to comments on Twitter, the company said it had reduced the manufacturer recommended retail price of the classic drink due to the change in recipe.

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