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Nail colours every lady should try out

Folashade Ogunlade

The world of fashion and style is one way we express ourselves as women. It’s one way we speak without even making a sound; it’s one way we have a voice even when we do not move our lips. The dynamism of the world of style and fashion makes it special, and we have different forms of expression.

One of the best fashion trends we love as women are our nails. It brings out the glamour in every dress without breaking a sweat, and over the past decades, we have seen different types and designs.

The possibilities are endless, but if there’s one thing you can do, you can try out new colours. Have you been choosing one colour over the years? Here are some of the best nail colours you need to try out.

Neon green


Neon green is a very energetic colour. It goes well with dark and classy clothes and screams boldness wherever you go.

Neon green nails are also very energetic and show people that you are never scared to do what you feel is right for you. It shows that you’re not scared of going for the things you want.

It goes well as a colour mix with almond, and you can likewise try the square nail design for that special finish.


If you have been very eager to dismiss the use of yellow nail colours, you do not know what you’re missing.

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Go out of your usual nude and black colour ranges and push for something sharper. The various shades and yellow designs can give you that chic and sophisticated look.

With the sophisticated touch of colour you get from yellow; you light up every room you enter.




White was a thing back in the day, but if there is one thing about fashion, it’s the captivating re-emergence that comes with some of these trends, and this includes white nail designs.

Now it does not work like it was before; people have gotten creative with white nail designs using stones, polka dot designs and pearls.

When you get a beautifully designed white nail design, you will know why white always has and will continue to speak class.


If you have been ignoring red, then you have been ignoring a masterpiece which has been with us women since the inception of the colour spectrum.

Words cannot express my love for red; it’s one colour that makes people anxious and eager to speak with you, it makes you look sexy and smart, and if you mix it with a classic Ankara, you speak confidence without even speaking which is a good start in any situation.


We should always pay attention to our nails because it’s one secret to a classic look people ignore. Another classic colour you can consider is orange. An example is a mix of different shades of orange with different patterns is a sight for sore eyes.

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Bottom Line

Your nails are special, and taking care of them and making them look special with these great colours is something you can have fun with.

It’s the small things that matter and having fun with these colours makes all the difference. Pick a great colour and watch your sense of fashion transform tremendously.

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