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Should I confront my husband’s side chic?

By Sonia Okere

I always remember an incident that happened when I was still single. It was a very cool evening, and I was sitting on the balcony of my apartment when I received a phone call from an unknown number.

“Hello, Esther.” She said.

The name “Esther” didn’t ring a bell. It wasn’t my name or the name of anyone I knew.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, I think you have the wrong name or phone number.” I politely tried to correct her.

“Shut up, otherwise, I will rain curses on you. Do you think you can hide forever? She screamed.

“Excuse me, who are you and what do you want?” I asked.

“You are lucky that I don’t know where you live. I would’ve barged in and beat you up.”

At this point, I was surprised and confused. However, I kept quiet, and she continued to unleash all the venom in her.

“You know very well who you are and what you did. This is the first and last time I will warn you. Please stay away from my husband. Esther, leave him alone and look for your own man; otherwise, you will see hell.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I tried to explain that I had no idea who her husband was, but she was not in the mood to listen. Her accusations and insults grew more and more aggressive until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Madam, stop this rubbish now,” I screamed.

“How dare you make false accusations? Please, I don’t know the irresponsible man you call your husband. It is obvious that you are a dullard, and that’s why you couldn’t copy the correct phone number of your husband’s mistress.”

While I was still giving her a piece of my mind, the line went silent. I assumed she had hung up, but a moment later, the phone rang again. It was her, but this time, her voice was quiet and apologetic.

“I’m sorry for my mistake. I have just found out that I called the wrong number. Please forgive me.”

“It is okay. I’m also sorry for the way I reacted.” I responded.

We spoke for a few more minutes, and when the conversation ended, I couldn’t shake off the thoughts of the incident. Considering the above scenario, I want to ask you a question. Do you think it is proper to confront your husband’s mistress? I understand that you might have many questions for her. You may also want to know the spell she used to capture the heart of your man. So, is it okay to call her or barge into her home?

These are the responses shared by some women.

“I think the side chic has no business with you. The only person you should confront is your husband. He was the one who vowed to be with you, so he should be committed to his vows.” -Martha.

“The first person I would confront is my husband. He’s the idiot who still wants to act single despite being married to me. As for his mistress, I would also deal with her, especially if she knew he was a married man before accepting to date him.” -Gladys

“I don’t always blame the mistresses, because most times, these men feed them with lies. They give all sorts of excuses just to get into the pants of those girls. So, I would always suggest that you confront the mistress and hear her side of the story. A nice girl who was deceived by your spouse would gladly call off the affair.” -Fola

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Three Things to Consider Before Confronting the Other Woman

Image credit: Unsplash

She might insult you
A 50-year-old woman named Mrs Veronica Chukwu narrated how she was insulted by the twenty-two-year-old girl who was sleeping with her husband. Being a woman of substance, she felt the young girl would be remorseful upon seeing her, but she was wrong.

The moment she raised her voice at her husband’s mistress, she reacted in a very disrespectful manner and rained all manner of insults on her. The most annoying part of it was that the whole outburst happened in the presence of her husband, and guess what? He took sides with the mistress.

One thing you should know is that your husband’s mistress might be looking forward to meeting you, and her goal is to add salt to your injury. Yes, she wants to break your heart and compel you to divorce your spouse. So if you value your marriage, don’t fall into that trap.

You might discover some heartbreaking facts
In the case of Mrs Amarachi, her husband’s mistress told her all the unimaginable things her husband said about her. He told her that his wife was very dirty and lazy. He went further to say that her loose coochie smells like a dead rat. He told many lies to convince the other woman to sleep with him. In the case of Caroline, it was after she confronted her husband’s mistress that she discovered that he had an illegitimate child with her.

The situation might get out of hand

Image credit: PUNCH

Last year, Mrs Sonnie Bassey had an accident along the Murtala Muhammad Highway, in Calabar. According to different online sources, she was pursuing her husband’s car when she lost control of her vehicle, which veered off the road and slammed into a tree. Why was she chasing him?

She saw him leaving the SPAR with his mistress and wanted to confront them. Unfortunately, she had a fatal accident due to over speeding and lost her life. Now, take a moment and think about it. If she had ignored her unfaithful husband, maybe she wouldn’t have died so soon.

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In another report, while fighting with her husband’s mistress, Madam Jumoke’s ear was cut off. She stated that she will never forget the pains she endured because the scar serves as a constant reminder. Did you know that her husband later abandoned her and his mistress and married a new lover?

In most cases, when you fight with your husband’s mistress, he gets angry at you and goes over to console the mistress. This happens if the affair is still ongoing. Moreover, the list of tragic events that happened during or after a confrontation is actually very long. So, if you love yourself so much, you must always have second thoughts before exchanging words with the other woman.

Do you have a cheating husband? If so, express your feelings to him. Remind him of all the promises he made to you and the dangers of having an extramarital affair. If the situation requires you to talk to the other woman, don’t drag your self-respect through the mud. Instead, maintain a firm but calm attitude while communicating with her. It would really save you from all the unnecessary stress and drama.

If your spouse is remorseful about his behavior, then it is possible to save your marriage even after the infidelity. All you need to do is pray harder and seek professional guidance from a marriage counsellor.

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