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Six things you should not do to newborns

Having a newborn can be overwhelming, and tasking. You may not be able to do everything right. Inevitably, you won’t do everything right, but here are some things you should never do to your baby.

Do not allow people to kiss your baby: The major reason not to kiss newborns, especially on their faces, is the worry about spreading illness. Kids are particularly vulnerable to severe infections in the first month of life and may have serious infections in the first three months of life.

According to a Consultant Paediatrician at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Kwara State, Dr. Oluwabunmi Mokuolu, kissing babies makes them susceptible to infections. He said, “You are raising their chances of having a cold and other viral infection, and these will bring down their immunity.”

Never allow babies to sleep on their tummies: The American Academy of Paediatrics says every infant should sleep on their backs in their own sleep space with no other people.

They also advise parents to always, “Use a crib, bassinet or portable play yard with a firm, flat mattress and a fitted sheet.

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Avoid sleep on a couch or armchair or in a seating device, like a swing or car safety seat (except while riding in the car). Keep loose blankets, pillows, stuffed toys, bumpers, and other soft items out of the sleep space.”

Not feeding baby on demand: Health experts recommend following your baby’s cues and feeding them when they are hungry, not on a schedule.

Do not leave a soggy nappy for a long time: Your baby can develop rashes or become uncomfortable when you leave a soggy nappy on your baby for a long time.

Not burping baby properly: An important part of feeding a baby is burping. Experts in an online portal, Mayo Clinic said, “Burping helps to get rid of some of the air that babies tend to swallow during feeding.

Not being burped often and swallowing too much air can make a baby spit up, or seem cranky or gassy.”

Taking newborns into crowded places: Crowded places like malls, airplanes, or pools mean that there are more possibilities for germs to spread.

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Please note that newborns haven’t developed great immunity, so they are at higher risk for infections. Most paediatricians recommend waiting six to eight weeks before taking a baby into crowded areas.

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