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Social media in a meltdown as people celebrate Pastor Kumuyi at 82

Twitter and Facebook are currently in a meltdown as people celebrate Pastor William Folorunsho Kumuyi’s 82nd birthday.

Kumuyi is the founder of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, which comprises the Deeper Life Bible Church and, lately, Global Crusade with Kumuyi (GCK) — a platform for global evangelism outreach which moves from country to country every month, starting from Nigeria where the crusade has held in several states of the federation.

The church leverages on the global internet connectivity to reach diverse audiences across the world, while also featuring participation of members from many continents in real time.

From Twitter to Facebook, people are not just wishing Pastor Kumuyi a well deserved happy birthday, they’re mostly testifying about how his ministrations have shaped, built and blessed their lives and families, even when they don’t agree with some of his doctrines.

On Twitter, #PastorKumuyiAt82 is trending with 26,000 tweets and it is the largest tweet of the day for an individual.

Facebook is as lit, as hundreds of people shared testimonies about their encounters with the preacher and how such encounters made a positive difference in their situations and circumstances.

So much was the traffic that a Facebooker said the proflific author’s birthday wishes have overshadowed that of anyone else on the platform!

Here are some of the interesting tweets about the church founder, church growth specialist and Convener of GCK:

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