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How to Perfectly Style the Edges of Your Braids to Look More Attractive

By Folashade Ogunlade

Being a woman is really special; never let anyone convince you otherwise. You’re beautiful with or without makeup, special hairstyles or other accessories. However, nothing says we cannot treat ourselves to that extra special look that speaks class and style when we’re in meetings or causes commotion when you walk into that wedding or birthday or meet special people when you visit that restaurant. However, we’re doing this for us and not just to prove that we’re worthy of someone else.

Talking about special, we all love braids because it has this classic vibe that makes everything just sort of come together. Are you on braids at the moment? Does it look ordinary even though you recently just made it? Then you need to style the edges of your braids a lot better. If you have been finding this difficult, and maybe you might have been considering not going for braids the next time you visit the salon, don’t give up just yet. Check out the best tips to get the perfect hair edges for your braids to look more attractive today.

Avoid any form of tension on your hair

The only way to even style your edges is if you even have any hair at the edges to style at all. One of the major reasons why the edges of our hair and other hairstyles do not look good is because we do not even have enough hair to style in the first place. For those who have some measure of hair in front, it is very uneven, and this makes it difficult to get the outlook you’re looking for.

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So, if you’re fond of tying your braids or any other hair too tight or forcefully combing your hair, you need to avoid any form of tension on your hair.

Oil your edges at night before you sleep

Oiling the edges of your hair is one of the best ways to ensure that your hair does not get too dry and eventually starts falling off. Once you oil your hair, you moisturize the edges, making it difficult for it to fall off as a result of extra dryness. Some of the best oils to use are castor oil, coconut, olive or peppermint oil. For those of us who use carrier oils, you need to mix them with the other oils we mentioned to keep your hair moisturized.

Use a gentle brush

When styling the edges of your hair, ensure that you use a gentle brush and a gentle touch when making those beautiful patterns. The level of force used does not determine how beautiful they would look; more force will only make things worse. So, when you’re swiping, use your caster or coconut oils and take things gently.

Reconsider your Diet

One of the reasons our hair is thinning is that we lack many healthy vitamins and minerals like Iron, Vitamin D, B, and Zinc. One of the best ways to get the best nutrients into your system is by changing your diet to a much healthier one or considering using multivitamins to supplement the lack of nutrients.

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Having lovely hairlines for your braids and other hairstyles is not so difficult after all. No matter how bad your hair looks, you can get your hair growing with fine lines ready for styling. Till next time, look sharp, look radiant.

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