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Top 7 exercises to do when you wake up

Good morning, my fabulous Naija sisters (and the few wonderful brothers peeking in)! In Nigeria, the sun doesn’t merely rise. It bursts forth, painting the sky with shades of hope, promise, and another chance to dance to the vibrant rhythm of life.

Each dawn in our homeland is a canvas, and just as our artists splash color with passion, we have the opportunity to paint our day with purpose and vitality.

Ah, but here’s the deal. Every masterpiece starts with a single brushstroke, and for us, that’s the morning routine. Whether you’re in bustling Lagos, serene Calabar, or the historic city of Kano, how you embrace the dawn can set the tone for the rest of your day. It’s like prepping for a party – a little sparkle here, a dash of color there, and voila! You’re ready to dazzle.

So, before you dive into the day’s hustle, let’s get our bodies primed, shall we? These exercises are your prelude to greatness, your initial brushstrokes on today’s canvas.

Stretch it out – The morning yawn

Remember the dramatic way Nollywood actresses stretch and yawn in the morning scenes? That’s exactly what you need. Extend those arms, point those toes, and give your body the luxury stretch it deserves. Feels like a scene from a blockbuster, right?

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Jumping Jacks – The energizing beat

Ever danced to the rhythm of your favorite Afrobeat song? Well, jumping jacks are just that. Ten of these, and you’ll feel like you’ve danced a track or two from Burna Boy’s playlist.

Push-ups – The Naija power move

No weights? No problem! The floor is always there, waiting for a strong woman or man to show it who’s boss. If full push-ups are daunting, start with knee push-ups. It’s like starting with small chops before diving into the main dish.

Leg raises – For that tailor-made silhouette

Imagine you’re at your tailor’s, and she asks you to raise your leg slightly to get that trouser measurement just right. That’s the move! Ten leg raises on each side daily, and you’ll feel the difference.

Planks – The patience test

Planking is like waiting for the ‘moi moi’ to steam just right. It requires patience, grit, and a dash of stubbornness. Hold it for as long as you can, even if at first it’s just a few seconds. Over time, you’ll rival that moi moi in resilience.

Squats – For the throne!

Every queen or king needs a throne, right? Well, with squats, you’re basically sitting on your imaginary throne and getting up, over and over. It’s royal and effective!

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High knees – Marching to your beat

Imagine you’re leading the parade, marching proudly to the rhythm of your dreams. Lift those knees high and own your morning march!

Rise, shine, and rule your day!
Life might sometimes feel like a bustling Balogun market, but starting your day right can make all the difference.

With these exercises, not only will your body thank you, but you’ll step out ready to conquer, slay, and sprinkle that unique Naija magic wherever you go. So, here’s to embracing the morning like the Naija royalty we all are!

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