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Until our varsity’s founding, we had no story about our lives -ANUSITY co-founder Prof. Kate Aladeoba

Life, as a relentless journey with its fair share of battles, propelled Prof. Kate Aladeoba and her husband, Prof George Aladeoba, from the crowded streets of Lagos to the auspicious town of Akure, in Ondo State.

Today, their story, woven with challenges and triumphs, finds its culmination in the celebration of small beginnings in a one-room apartment to the establishment of a university with sprawling structures in South Africa, along with vibrant campuses across 10 nations.

The background
My own history is painted with the splatter of a strict and seemingly hopeless background. Losing my dad before my birth, and my mother shortly thereafter, I faced a world that deemed me a child not meant to be born. I was left navigating a world that viewed my existence as an anomaly.

The financial aid from my mother and brother marked the beginning of Anointed University -Kate

Today, however, I stand in awe of God’s goodness, defying expectations and showcasing that even from the most challenging beginnings, greatness can emerge.

Currently, as the deputy president of Anointed University, I am sharing a glimpse into the struggles and victories that led to the establishment of our global institution with headquarters and a main campus in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Prof. George and Kate Aladeoba, founders, Anointed University (ANUSITY) Worldwide

Each time I recall the genesis of the vision, I reminisce about the struggles that led us away from Lagos to Akure, where we started life anew. Actually, we were in the midst of severe battles in ministry, we abandoned our belongings in Lagos and embraced a fresh start.

In fact, facing the challenge of finding a tuition-free space for the envisioned university led us to embark on a journey that took us to a one-room apartment. Even at that, challenges persisted, including the need to pay just N20,000 for rent. Simultaneously, we awaited the fruit of the womb.

Desperate for support, I turned to my family, presenting the vision as a pregnant reality. The financial aid received from my mother and brother unknowingly marked the beginning of Anointed University. And the subsequent birth of our first child validated the journey we had embarked upon.

Yet, the journey had not been without skeptics and mockers. However, those who joined have witnessed incredible testimonies. Thousands of skilled and successful individuals are, today, tracing their roots back, attributing the transformations in their lives to the university.

Oh, I’m not here to just talk about the university; but fact is, my life is intricately woven into everything about the university. Until the Anointed University [formerly Jesus Christ University up untill 2001] became an ark of the end-time, impacting lives globally, we had no stories to tell about our lives. It was when its reach began to extend beyond academic achievements, fostering transformation and offering hope to those who embrace its vision, that we knew it had transcend religious boundaries, welcoming all who seek knowledge and growth.

For 25 years, our lives have revolved around Anointed University, and commemorating its 25 years is celebrating our own lives. The experience has filled me with gratitude and our commitment to inclusivity remains unwavering as evident in the diverse background of our students and the composition of our governing council, where a non-Christian serves as the chairman.

Our lives’ resolve to wade through the thick and thin of life’s muddled waters stand as true testament to the triumph of intersection of faith, our unity to work together against all odds, vision and perseverance, which, I believe, is an open door for individuals of all backgrounds, that made us to build the ANUSITY as a place where potentials are realized and fulfilled.

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