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What to know before getting your first nose piercing

Hello, Naija beauties! Let’s take our fashion ideas to another level, something that can take your style quotient up a notch – nose ring piercings.

Whether you’re inspired by the ever-stylish Tiwa Savage or simply want to add a little edge to your look, nose piercings can be a beautiful addition.

But, just like every hot trend, you need to handle it right. As beautiful and stunning as getting a nose piercing can be, it can also be problematic if you get it wrong.

When it comes to nose ring piercings, here are some things you need to know before you take the plunge:

Choose your artist carefully 

Just like you wouldn’t trust anyone with your wedding food recipe, don’t trust just any street-corner shop for your piercing.

Look for a professional piercer who adheres to strict hygiene standards.

The Mayo Clinic advises using professionals who use a needle, not a “piercing gun,” for the best results.

Know your jewellery

Think of your first nose ring as your first gele headtie – it should be comfortable and suited to your style.

From studs to hoops, there are many options to choose from.

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Also, consider the material of the jewellery. Some people may have allergies to certain metals.

The pain factor

If you’re wondering if it’s going to hurt as much as biting into a red pepper, you’d be surprised.

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, but generally, nose piercings are relatively manageable on the pain scale.

Cleaning is key

Once you have your stylish new addition, it’s important to take care of it.

The Healthline suggests cleaning the area with a saline solution twice a day to prevent infections. It’s like cooking – cleanliness is essential!

Healing time

Just like waiting for your favourite Nollywood movie sequel, healing a nose piercing requires patience. It usually takes about 2-4 months for a nose piercing to heal completely.

Possible complications

Nose piercings can sometimes lead to complications like infections or keloids.

Be observant. If something doesn’t seem right, reach out to a healthcare professional.

To twist or not to twist?
Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t twist or turn your nose jewellery while it’s healing.

Bottom line
Remember, Naija Queens, getting a nose piercing can be an exciting way to express yourself.

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However, just as you wouldn’t rush to make any important decision, don’t rush into a nose piercing.

Do your homework, know what to expect, and then, when you’re ready, embrace your new style with confidence!

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