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4 Foods that Can Help Improve Blood Circulation

By Femi Paseda

As a woman, proper blood circulation is essential for healthy living. It is important because it allows easy flow of blood and oxygen through the body. If you find out that when you sit still or stand for a while, you feel a little numb, chances are that you have poor blood flow. In this week’s edition of health and fitness on Iya Magazine, we will be taking a look at foods that can help improve blood circulation in women.

What is Poor Blood Circulation?

Your cardiovascular system is responsible for circulating essential nutrients and, of course, blood through the body. So, when blood does not flow properly to certain parts of your body, you begin to experience numbness in certain parts of the body, which can lead to other health complications.

Causes of poor blood circulation

There are certain health conditions that can lead to poor blood circulation, such as:

  • Blood clots
  • Varicose veins
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Peripheral artery disease

Signs and Symptoms of Poor Blood Circulation

If you experience any of these signs and symptoms of blood circulation, then you need to get these foods that improve blood circulation:

  • Cramps
  • Tingling sensations
  • Stinging pains in your limbs
  • Numbness

We have put together some of the best foods that can help increase blood flow and help you live healthily.

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Best Foods that Improve Blood Flow in Women

Here are some of the best foods for improved blood flow:

  • Nuts: one of the first foods on our list is nuts. Some of the best nuts you can find in the market are walnuts and coconuts. You can likewise find almonds, but it is not as popular as these other nuts. Walnuts, coconuts, and almonds are some of the best foods for improved blood circulation because they contain antioxidants that dilate the blood vessels, making it possible for blood to flow better through the body.
  • Garlic: a lot of us claim not to enjoy garlic, and for a good reason. However, rather than taking it raw and experiencing bad breath as a result of direct consumption, you can add minced garlic to your recipes. This works because garlic contains allicin, another powerful antioxidant which purifies your blood vessels, allowing easy flow of blood. With the additional anti-inflammatory properties of garlic, you have healthy blood vessels which keep the body healthy.
  • Citrus foods: if you’re a fan of citrus foods like limes, oranges, and grapes, you need to take a portion of them daily. Citrus contains a lot of antioxidants and Vitamin C, which help reduce overall inflammation in the body. It also helps to purify the blood and improve blood circulation for healthy living.
  • Oats: do you know that oats help improve blood circulation? Well, it does, and this is possible because oats contain anti-inflammatory properties that help remove free radicals from the body, making it possible for blood to freely flow.
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Bottom Line

If you’re looking for improved blood flow for healthy living, then you need to include these foods into your diet. They are healthy and prevent cardiovascular issues, which plague a lot of women. Make a healthy choice today and live healthily because you deserve it.

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