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Exercises you can do at night

If your job takes most of your time during the day, does that mean that you cannot workout? I mean, if anyone is asked to choose between working out and making money, it’s a no-brainer for me, particularly in this economy.

A lot of us see exercising and fitness as something we have to do during the day, but what if I told you that you are totally wrong to think this way?

There are exercise routines you can take on at night that will not only help improve your fitness but also help you sleep faster. If you are a very busy woman looking for some way to prioritize fitness, we will be looking at some of the exercise routines that you can take on at night before you go to bed.

Some exercises are not to be done at night, especially because they can leave us in a lot of pain and discomfort. This is why these routines have been carefully selected to help improve your fitness levels without any form of discomfort.

Top exercises you can take on at night
Here are some of the best exercises you can execute at night for the highest level of fitness.


After a hard day’s work, you should not just hit the shower and go to bed; you need to stretch your muscles. This relieves any form of tension in your muscles and prevents any form of discomfort. Once you stretch, you feel relaxed, and the great part about this is that it does not stress you in any way. Take time to stretch every part of your body, taking it slowly, and enjoy the comfort that comes with it.

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Bear hug

Another excellent exercise you can take on at night is the bear hug. A bear hug concentrates on the muscles around your arms, increasing your flexibility and reducing the tension in your muscles.

All you need to do is stretch your arms as if you want to give yourself a hug, with all your fingers extending towards your back. Hold the bear hug position for about half a minute and repeat again. This helps you feel relaxed around your shoulders, especially after a stressful day.


Most women are not fans of pushups, but believe me, they work wonders. It might seem difficult initially, but with the right level of consistency, you will enjoy every bit of it. With pushups, you build your upper body strength as well as the muscles around your shoulders, biceps, and pectoral muscles. If you have not been used to doing pushups, you can start with numbers as low as five – two reps.

Low lunge

This exercise targets your lower body. It helps ensure that things like walking and climbing the stairs at work or at home do not feel stressful. Here are the simple steps to performing the low lunge:
● Position your right foot under your right knee, and then allow your left leg to push backwards with the knee resting on the floor.
● Position your hands on your right knee.
● Breathe in and out for about six seconds before switching your legs.

Figure-four stretch

The final routine on our list is the figure-four stretch. This is great for your hips, and here are the steps you need to take to perfectly execute it:
● Lay down on the floor and let your foot be on the floor as well; this means bending your knees to allow both your feet to stay in a standing position.
● Place your right ankle over your left knee and pull back your left thigh; this will stretch your right hip.
● Hold this position for 30 seconds and then switch to the other leg.

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Bottom line
One thing about all of these exercises is that they work perfectly. However, you need to take things slowly. For someone who has not been used to exercising consistently, doing too much can put too much pressure on your body, causing you to abandon the entire process. Once you combine these routines, you have something targeting every part of your body, which helps you achieve the ideal goal – fitness.

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