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5 Clothing Staples Your Work Wardrobe Needs

By Tariemi Oreoritse

Planning your work outfit should be the easiest thing, but what should be a joy may come off as a chore without the right clothing choices.

Looking good is serious business, and a great outfit is all the confidence boost you need to kickstart a great day. To properly plan your work outfits, you’ll only need some clothing staples and not the total wardrobe haul you may have been planning.

Need some ideas? These are five clothing staples your wardrobe needs for the best work outfits:

1. Blazers

An essential clothing staple, every working-class lady needs at least one blazer. Not only are they a work favourite, but they are also easy to style.

While black and white blazers are a necessity, be sure to add some bold designs and colours for that added touch of flair.

Want some more good news? You can transform your oversized blazers into an outfit for a casual brunch, dinner date, or a night out at the club.

2. Wide leg pants

Every work wardrobe needs a few wide-leg pants in several colours and prints. Back at the top of the fashion trend tables, wide-leg pants can be paired with some heels, sandals or flat shoes.

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Our advice, opt for brown, beige, black and white pants; trust us, they’re worth the cost.

3. Monochrome outfits

You need at least one monochrome look in your work wardrobe. There’s nothing more confident than strolling into work with a well-planned monochromatic look. This literally says, ‘I’m here and ready for business.

Photo: Everytindenim

4. Lounge wear

Casual outfits have found their way into the workplace, and we’re definitely happy to see this change. Add some loungewear into your work wardrobe for a corporate-casual look.
What’s even better, they work best for out of office work and, when paired with the right sneakers, would leave you happier than ever.

5. A pair of jeans

Denim has found its way into work outfits, and a good pair of jeans gives you more clothing options than ever.
Pair one with a statement blouse, a silk shirt or a chiffon blouse and you’re ready to go.

Work outfits have evolved from being mere black and white fits to more colourful outfits that have you looking good always. Our advice, remember to include some turtle necks, sensible shoes and jumpsuits in your clothing haul.

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