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7 makeup tips for women that wear glasses

Women who wear glasses look stunning on makeup, but many avoid makeup altogether for many reasons.

Aside from believing that their glasses would make a mess of their makeup, they also feel it’s a waste of time because nobody will notice their makeup.

That’s not true – where’s your sense of adventure? You can look cute with makeup, put on your glasses and still get the recognition and appreciation you have always desired. Here are some tips to look great using makeup, even on glasses.


If just because you wear glasses – medicated or not – you decide to neglect your eyebrows, you are wrong. The perception is that the frame will cover the brows making them almost invisible. Your eyebrows play an important role in the way you look, which is why you need to make sure you trim, brush and clean your brows before going out.

Eye Liner

While eyeliners are not obvious for ladies who wear glasses, there is still a way around it. Instead of using dull eyeliners, you can wear bright eyeliner colours. This allows the eyeliner to pop out of your frames, making them look great. Ensure that your frames are not brighter than your eyeliners. Ensure that the colours you use do not constitute any sort of colour riot because then, the reason behind the situation will be defeated.

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Your eyeshadow is another aspect of your looks you need to emphasise more as a woman wearing glasses. Draw attention to your lid with a lighter shade of eyeshadow and the crease with a medium shade. Make sure the eyeshadow is well blended in so they look great.


Suppose you love mascara even as a woman wearing glasses; great. If not, you need to add it to your makeup routine. You need to apply mascara to your upper lashes avoiding the lower side to prevent staining your glasses. For that extra spice, you can use coloured mascara.

Powder and Foundation

Glasses cover the majority of your eyes but not the other aspects of your face, which is why you need powder and foundation which matches your face. Take the time to make a selection which matches the texture of your skin to keep your face in the spotlight wherever you go.


Wearing glasses can really make the lower end of your eyes look a lot darker than it should be, which is why you need to look for a light-shaded concealer to help even the tone of that part of your skin to the other sides. This will give you even skin colour and of course a great look.


For emphasis’ sake, always use lipstick. It adds this boldness to your overall outlook. Bright-coloured lipsticks are great because they give you the perfect glow you have always been looking for.

Bottom Line
You’re beautiful; you’re a lover of glasses (medicated or not); you still can use makeup without feeling awkward. If you have been finding it difficult to use makeup, these are some of the best tips to get the perfect look for that wedding, that special occasion, going out to work and of course, your time – because you deserve it.

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