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Best exercises for diabetic women

Many women tend to throw in the towel as far as exercise is concerned when diagnosed with diabetes.

Getting diagnosed with diabetes is not a death sentence, and neither is it a call to become older than you are.

It’s a health condition, and you can live healthily irrespective of the diagnosis. Exercising has a lot of health benefits for women diagnosed with diabetes because it helps to lower your blood sugar levels and likewise reduces your need for insulin.

There are certain exercises recommended for women with diabetes, and we will be looking at some of them.

Walking: Walking is a popular exercise every woman can do, even when diagnosed with diabetes. This is why it is an exercise that is highly recommended. It is recommended that women with diabetes walk at least 30 minutes five times a week for the best results.

However, if you feel like 30 minutes at a stretch is going to be too much, you can split it into two cycles of 15 minutes with breaks.

Yoga: this is a traditional exercise beneficial for women with diabetes, but unfortunately, many of us women find it out of reach. This exercise is a simple one that helps improve our balance, strength, and flexibility. All you need to do is get your yoga mat, sit in a comfortable position, clear your head and breathe.

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Dancing: we all love dancing; I mean, we have a lot of thrilling Nigerian songs that make dancing exciting. Dancing is also great for your feet and overall balance, and when you dance, it improves your overall mental health, which makes it great for women with diabetes. If you find dancing exhausting, you can go for chair dancing which involves moving to the tunes on a chair.

Swimming: swimming is another fine exercise for diabetic women specifically because it relaxes you as you move without putting any pressure on your muscles and joints. For the best results, it is recommended that you swim at least three times (10 minutes) a week to keep your body healthy. Before swimming, ensure that someone knows you’re diabetic to prevent life-threatening issues.

Safety While Exercising

Being diabetic calls for safety which is why there are certain safety protocols you need to take when you want to exercise. Here are some of them:
● First, check your blood sugar levels right before any exercise routine.
● Drink enough water before, during, and after exercising to prevent dehydration.
● Ensure the weather is not extremely hot or cold when you exercise.
● Always take your phone along with you when you exercise.
● Wear the right shoes to prevent foot pain.
● If you can, wear a medical band that can alert you of your blood sugar levels.

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Bottom Line
Getting diagnosed with diabetes as a woman can be depressing, but it is not the end of the world. You can still exercise and live healthily as you ought to. We have covered some of the best tips for healthy exercising as a diabetic woman, as well as some of the safety tips, to take into consideration alongside. You can do well to incorporate these tips into your lifestyle and live healthily as you should.

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