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Adebisi Kuforiji, the woman who ‘woke up’ hours after doctors had declared her dead!

Some years ago, a woman was rushed into the theatre to undergo surgery, and while the operation was ongoing, she died. The doctors announced her death to her family members who were waiting at the hospital reception.

When they heard the news, they cried bitterly. However, a few hours later, while they were preparing to move the body to the mortuary, the clinically dead woman opened her eyes.

Today, Iya Magazine is sharing the intriguing story of Adebisi Kuforiji, the woman who said she “walked through the shadows of death and came back victoriously.”

Early life
Adebisi Kuforiji was born in Lagos, and hails from Abeokuta, Ogun State. She is the first of her parents’ six children.

I worked for some years before I lost interest in programming and computer science

She grew up in a middle-class family. Her father served in the Nigerian Navy for 25 years before retiring as a one-star General. Due to the nature of his job, he was always travelling from one country to another, and sometimes, he went with his family. Her mother was a homemaker and a businesswoman.

My childhood experiences are so amazing, and I still remember the different places we travelled to. I didn’t lack anything because my parents provided all that I needed.

My dad was a devout Muslim, but he didn’t enforce his religion on us. He believed that everyone had the right to choose the religious path to follow. So, I decided to be a Christian.

Being a Navy officer, he was also very strict. He taught us to be honest, respectful, kind, and hardworking.

The first school Adebisi attended was the Army Children’s School in Yaba, Lagos. After she passed her common entrance examination, she proceeded to St. Anne’s School, Molete, Ibadan. She said that life in secondary school was interesting.

After she passed her ‘O’ Level examinations, she was admitted to the University of Ife to study Computer Science.

Career life
After obtaining her first degree, Adebisi worked as a Systems Development Manager at Société Générale Bank.

“Everyone knows that getting a good job in Nigeria is usually very challenging. However, I was fortunate to secure a well-paid job. I worked for some years before I lost interest in programming and computer science.

I was rejected by four hospitals. After so much stress, they found a hospital that admitted me

Then I took a break from that niche and switched to network marketing. So, today, I am a successful network marketer. I love this profession because it requires a low-risk investment, but the profits are usually massive.

Apart from marketing, I am also a manufacturer of plastics. The major challenge I am experiencing in this business is the unstable power supply that is prevalent in this country.

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The ‘death’ experience
According to Denis Waitley, who is an American motivational speaker, “Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.” Adebisi narrated how she survived a terrible experience.

In 2011, I went for surgery in one of the best teaching hospitals in Ibadan. After the surgery, everything was fine, and I started recovering. I was asked to come for a review two weeks later, and when I went, they checked me and said I was fine. So, I returned to Lagos to commence my daily activities.

However, the following morning, I noticed that I was bleeding profusely. They rushed me quickly to a nearby private hospital. Over there, the doctors were able to stop the bleeding; but in the middle of the night, it started again.

I opened my eyes while they were preparing to move my body to the mortuary

When the doctors saw that my condition had become critical, they referred me to another hospital, but the referral hospital couldn’t arrest the situation, and they referred me to another hospital. By the end of the day, I have been rejected by four hospitals. After so much stress, they found a hospital that admitted me.

By then, I was already weak and pale. So, they quickly transfused pints of blood before commencing an emergency surgery. While the surgery was still ongoing, my heartbeat stopped. It was a silent moment. There was no pulse, no movement, and my body became cold.

After the doctors confirmed that I had died, they broke the sad news to my sister, who was waiting in the reception. I was told that she cried her eyes out.

After I left this world, I found myself in another realm of life. It felt so real. However, while I was still trying to understand what was going on, God gave me a chance to live again. I opened my eyes while they were preparing to move my body to the mortuary, and everyone was shocked by the miracle.”

The book project
Adebisi is the author of a book titled, You Only Live Twice. She mentioned that she wrote the book to share the out-of-body experience she had when she died. Being a woman who has been unlucky in love and relationships, she also shared her struggles as a single mother and her travel experiences. The book was launched in 2014 during her 50th birthday celebration.

Whenever Adebisi is not working, she enjoys watching crime documentaries and true-life movies. She said that if she had the opportunity to meet a public figure one-on-one, she would love to meet the former president of America, Barack Obama, because she adores him so much.

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Word of advice
Adebisi is a woman who has grown from strength to strength even amid the trials of life. When asked to advise women, she said: The beautiful thing about women is that we  multi-task. I want to tell you that you are stronger than you can imagine. So, don’t ever let anyone make you feel useless. Be confident in yourself and try to make use of your God-given potential.

There are opportunities suitable for you, but you must search and pray for them. I may not know the situation you are in right now. However, I want to encourage you never to give up until you take your last breath.

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