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Best Exercises To Do At Home For Women

Health is wealth – no question about that – and from previous articles, we have established the fact that one of the best ways to remain healthy is to exercise. However, if there is one thing we do so well as women when it comes to exercising is making excuses. If you hear some of the excuses women give just to skip fitness time, you would be shocked. We hear things like:

  • I work on the Island, and driving there alone is enough exercise for two weeks.
  • I only get to rest during the weekend, and it’s only fair that I rest rather than hit the gym.
  • I only have time to jug in the morning, and for now, the streets are not safe, so I have to stay put.

Believe me when I say I understand, and all of these excuses are legit. But you need to understand that exercising is of great benefit to you. To curb the excuses and give you enough reason to do what is right, which is exercising, we will be looking at the best exercises women can do at home. I thought you’d be excited? Of course, you are; let’s hop right in.

1. Jumping Jacks

We all know jumping jacks; it was one of the first exercises we learnt in school as women. However, we lost it all to the hustle of being productive women in society. Nevertheless, you can start all over with this exercise. This exercise helps improve your stamina and improves how flexible your body is.
How to practice Jumping Jacks: as you jump, you raise your hands over your feet and spread your legs. Coming down from the jump, you drop your hands and close your legs. Do this as often as you can daily but start slowly.

2. Push-Ups

Most women run from push-ups; if you ask them, they will say it makes them look more muscular than they need to be. Have you ever said this before? You are wrong. Push-ups are effective for men and women because it strengthens the upper body, giving added strength to the triceps, shoulders and abs.
How to practice Push-Ups: get in a plank position which means getting to the ground. Put your hands on the floor and repeatedly push yourself up and down with your toes firmly on the floor. As I always say, start small to avoid stories that touch the heart, lol.

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3. Squats

Now that we have covered exercises for mostly the upper body, we move to something more effective for the thighs and butt, which is squats. These squats help tone your thigh muscles, keeping them fit and strong for you when walking. I hear a lot of women complain that it reduces the size of their thighs and butt, which they do not like, but I have to tell you, if it does bring down the size of your thighs and butt, it’s because it’s working. It might seem sexy to have those big chunky thighs, but it’s unhealthy, especially for your heart.
How to practice Squats: while standing with your feet apart, slowly take your hips back with your hands and shoulders straight – almost like you want to sit on an invisible chair, then stand up and repeat the process. You can start with about 2 to 3 sets with eight reps before heading out.

4. One-leg stand

Seeing this option, a lot of us women might start to exclaim, “who sends me work.” You need to send yourself work o because this is one exercise that enhances your flexibility. I know it might seem like a punishment in the beginning, but you will feel a lot more comfortable with your body as you do this. While you stand, you can concentrate on anything you feel you can, which improves your mood and lowers your stress levels.
How to practice one-leg stands: all you need to do is stand on one foot and lift the other, shifting your entire body weight off the floor. You can hold the other foot from your knee as this helps you keep your balance. Do this for a minute before switching to the next foot – at least three reps.

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Bottom Line

There is no excuse for not exercising. Not your work schedule, not the traffic on the third mainland bridge, not the meetings, the late deliveries or even the difficulty with going outside early. These are exercises you can practice and persist with in your home to remain as fit and healthy as you need to be. From us here at Iya magazine, we say, see you in the next article, and always prioritize your health.

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