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Choices – The Difference Between Health and Sickness

By Femi Paseda

The life cycle of a woman is one filled with a lot of stages from infancy to puberty, sexual maturity, climacteric, and post-climacteric years. The female body is designed to go through a lot, from menstruation to carrying a baby for nine months, childbirth, and breastfeeding children.

The complexity of the female body just goes to show that we need to take care of ourselves even far more than our male counterparts because some of the smallest or wrong choices can lead to big challenges later on. In this week’s edition of health and fitness on Iya magazine, we will be examining the topic choices and how they affect our overall health.

1. We are a True Reflection of Our Choices

When we talk about choices, we talk about your ability to choose between different options available to you. In the case of our health as women, it is our ability to choose between healthy and unhealthy decisions. However, most of us with healthy bodies and immune systems compromise our health by making unhealthy decisions that affect us now and even later on in life. Some of the major unhealthy decisions we make as women are:
● Overeating and eating unhealthy and processed foods.
● Not getting enough sleep staring at our smartphones and iPhones.
● Working too hard and not getting enough time to rest.
● Taking energy drinks and coffee just to stay up a lot longer than we need to.
● Pushing the body to t’s limit.
● Practicing unsafe sex.
● Excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes.
These are just a few of the unhealthy choices healthy women make, which affect them now as well as later on in the future when they are much older.

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2. Remember You Will Not Be Young Forever

Women all across Nigeria need to understand that they will not be young forever, and the present health situation can all of a sudden change if we keep making wrong health choices. The worst part of making such choices is that we face the consequences in so many ways, especially when we start to get a lot older. We face the need for surgery, the need to manage some health diagnoses, and the need to keep on using some pills to remain alive.

3. It’s Never Too Late to Start Making Healthy Choices

No matter how bad your choices have been over the years, there is never a bad time to start making healthy decisions. Look through your habits, especially your bad and unhealthy health habits, and begin to consciously make changes to these habits. This will make all the difference in your health because you get to live healthy without any stress of managing difficult health conditions.
As we said earlier, your health is a reflection of your habits, and if you can consciously pursue the good ones above the bad, you are securing your present health as well as your health when you are a lot older. Make the right CHOICE today, choose health, and enjoy all the benefits.

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