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Five things to avoid posting on social media

Over the weekend, the social media went agog as a  Jos, Plateau-based businesswoman and CEO at Anjees Foods, Angela Job Emodiae, declared her alleged earning for 2022.

The businesswoman hit the Facebook on Saturday, claiming that she made stupendous sales totalling N1.4billion in 2022.

While many people hailed her and she became an instant social media celebrity, many people had also expressed concerns that she had exposed herself too much and that her claim might backfire in the long run.

Speaking on social media activities, however, experts have warned that certain personal information should be withheld from social media. Iya Magazine serves you five of such information. Do read on!

Financial information 

As netizens debated the truth or otherwise of businesswoman Emodiae’s claim, she returned a few hours later to say that she was on a ‘cruise’ and that it was publicity stunt to help her not only to advertise her products but to also gather social media followers.

Indeed, Emodiae said that her prank had fetched her a whopping 15,000 followers within hours of her allegedly false financial declaration.

But, speaking in Money, an online magazine, a senior analyst for fraud management at Javelin Strategy & Research, Kyle Marchini, warns: “There’s a tremendous connection between the kind of information you share on social media and the security of your finances.”

So, posting your finance on social media is a no-no.

Love affairs and domestic challenges

In recent times, Nollywood acts such as Yul Edochie, his wife May; as well as Alex Ekubo and his ex-lover, Fancy Acholonu, had washed their dirty linens on social media, with their online followers divided as to the propriety or otherwise of their actions.

While it is okay to inform your friends and family about your love life, when you announce it on social media, you invite unnecessary attention.

Experts say that sharing every moment of your private life online can put pressure on you and your partner as your followers turn you to automatic role models on matters of the heart. Indeed, people can convince themselves that they want what you have based solely on what they see you post online. This can put enormous pressure on both of you and your relationship might flounder under the weight.

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Again, posts on social media can create unrealistic expectations for partners or lead them to feel that their partner is only interested in catching cruise with the relationship.

Unnecessary personally identifiable information

Just because Facebook asks for it doesn’t mean you have to share it. Keep your phone number, email address, date of birth, home address and other information private as much as possible.

In fact, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and others allow you to only show the month and day, while they allow you to hide the your year of birth. However, some people still neglect to take that advantage and their social media handle displays all the stated information about them.

“All of these data points can be used by someone to compromise your identity. You’re giving them the building blocks,” warns Brian Lapidus, practice leader of the identity theft and breach notification group at Kroll, a company that helps organisations prevent and respond to cybersecurity risks.

Your nudity

In case you still didn’t get it, know that sharing your nude photos or video clips on social media platform is a no-no. Don’t even share on WhatsApp private conversation or Facebook Messenger or any inbox platform whatsoever.

The reason is that though these aforementioned platforms are private, the person you share with might take things further than you might imagine.

Again, relationships might go south someday and you never know what an enraged ex might do with your vulnerable information.

Recognising the damage that ‘revenge porn’ can do to people, as far back as 2017, Facebook launched a campaign against it. The same goes on Instagram.

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Revenge porn is any intimate photo shared without permission.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said the efforts would prevent individuals from sharing nude, intimate photos without permission in order to keep people safe.

And though Zuckerberg promised that any intimate photo shared on Facebook without permission will be taken down and stopped from being shared on all social media platforms, stalkers might have downloaded the photo or video clip before Facebook takes them down.

So, to be safe, don’t upload any nude photo/video of yourself.

Pictures of you drinking or taking drugs

Nearly all potential employers do an online search of their candidates and examine their social media footprint, says Joe Weinlick, chief marketing officer at Nexxt, a Pennsylvania-based recruitment media company. If employers take one look at your social media profile and reject you for a job, then it’s certainly having a negative impact on your finances. So, avoid uploading any posts of yourself drinking, taking drugs or participating in any behavior that a recruiter would deem unprofessional.

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