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All You Need To Know About High Ponytail Hairstyles

The high ponytail hairstyle is a cherished ’90s beauty style that, like all other beauty trends from that era, is still going strong today. It’s one of the most adaptable outfits available, as it’s both fashionable and utilitarian. Anyone, regardless of hair texture, colour, or cut (if using extensions), can pull it off.

The high ponytail hairstyle is obviously very simple to achieve: Simply gather your hair at the very top of your head (it helps to flip your locks upside-down for this), fasten it with a hair tie, and let your long, lovely strands flow down to keep hair out of your face. 

However, there are numerous ways to style it to make it more exciting and dynamic. Want to amp up the throwback factor? Like Zendaya, try a scrunchie or ’60s-style high ponytail hairstyles with a sweep. Attending a more formal event? It’s just as simple to dress up your pony with a velvety bow or a sparkly ornament.

If you’re seeking ways to elevate your high ponytail hairstyles, look to Ariana Grande, Gigi Hadid, Megan Thee Stallion, and other celebrities for ideas. You should be aware of all of these.

In this article, we’ll go over the various high ponytail hairstyles around, highlighting their pros and shortcomings. As well as exposing you to a step-by-step guide on how to do high ponytail hairstyles.

What are High Ponytail Hairstyles

A high ponytail is a hairstyle that gathers and secures all of the hair on top of the head. The high ponytail hairstyles can be casual + sporty + classy. It can be dorned by arguably any one and any style.

Are you going to a long gown event? Wear it straight and sleek! Keep in mind, though, that large beach waves look just as lovely in your everyday wardrobe. Combining a high pony with bangs, braids, and adorable hair accessories can make you stand out even more!

This fast updo is a convenient option for lazy days. With a little product for hold, gloss, or volume, you’ll look great and be ready to go in minutes.

Let’s take a look at the various types of high ponytail hairstyles

high ponytail hairstyles 2

1. Chic Twisted Ponytail

Twist wedding hairstyles with braids in a ponytail look effortlessly beautiful and are easy to do. They are an excellent method to add texture to a look without making it appear unduly fussy.

Twist braids are ideal for layered hair because they hold it in place without the use of several pins. High ponytail hairstyles complement boho-inspired outfits and are ideal for windy outdoor unique wedding celebrations.

2. Easy Voluminous Bridal Ponytail

High ponytail hairstyles are excellent homemade wedding hairstyles for long hair. The wide, flowing waves give it a relaxed, modern vibe.

Add a couple of small slides to the side for a more relaxed look. Scatter huge pin pearls and add dramatic earrings for a look that works with any outfit.

3. Topsy Tail Throwback

This ponytail looks great with boho-inspired outfits, heavy laces, open backs, slinky or flowy skirts, and a pale straw or felt hat. Wedding hairstyles look best on long, medium-to-thick hair.

With fresh flowers, a topsy retro wedding tail looks great. Simply ask your florist to arrange individual stems or clashers of flowers wrapped in moisture tape, or look for a dry flower artist.

It’s an excellent choice for an outdoor windy ceremony. Don’t be concerned if the pony gets windswept; it will simply contribute to the style’s delightfully undone appeal.

4. Ponytails Wrapped Around Ringlets

Such a timeless and classy aesthetic. Precision and perfect proportions are crucial in this style. It appears best when the crown area is completely polished and devoid of flyaways.

It is exquisitely feminine and would look stunning with figure-hugging bridal gowns that exaggerate an hourglass shape.

5. Elegant High Ponytail

This elegant and adaptable super high ponytail was inspired by celebrity Ariana Grande! “It’s the perfect hairstyle and gives any clothing a fierce look!” “It looks great with wing liner or a bold red lip,” adds Australian freelance hairstylist Ru Blackwell.

6. Extremely High Ponytail Hairstyles

Because the hair is carefully swept away from the face and firmly fastened in place, this choice is great for humid circumstances.

High ponytails look stunning whether accessorized with simple slides, beaded or satin hairbands, or elaborately decorated glittering ornaments. It will look great with gowns with closed-off necklines, shoulder pads, or even richly beaded bodices, as well as backless dresses.

7. Ponytail Styles for a Casual Wedding

Who says your wedding hairdo needs to be difficult? This hairdo looks stunning with off-the-shoulder simple and elegant bridal gowns, spaghetti-strap slip-ons, or even more structured fitting gowns.

8. Ponytail Hairstyles That Are Both Cute and Simple

This is a “must-have” for brides on the go, especially those with a large bridal party or an early wedding. Cute ponytail hairstyles are simple to do and take little time to complete.

9. Ponytail With Braids

This look is lighthearted, whimsical, and soft. It looks best on long, medium-length hair, but if your hair is shoulder-length, your hairdresser can add a halo or a full set of clip-in hair extensions for thickness, length, and volume. It looks fantastic with lacy, floral A-line gowns with airy, swishy skirts.

10. Ideas for Half Braid Ponytail Hairstyles

This form of ponytail is highly popular among casual brides and wedding guest hairstyles. To produce a voluminous defined braid, your hair must be extremely dense.

If you have fine hair, don’t worry; your hairdresser can cut some clip-in hair extensions into 1-inch chunks and insert several just beneath the braid.

11. Wedding Hairstyles With Romantic Ponytails

Volume and texture are important in this style. Ponytails with irregular S-shaped waves and straight ends look best in this style.

Romantic updos look great with pearls, silk ribbons, or even fresh flowers. But don’t forget about the front. To complete the look, request that your stylist leave plenty of soft face-framing tendrils.

How to Do a High Ponytail

high ponytail hairstyles

Step 1: Comb your hair.

What is the first step in achieving the ideal high ponytail? You’re gathering your hair. Brush out any tangles in your hair, then comb it up towards your head.

Step 2. Tilt your head back.

Tilt your head back while brushing your hair upwards.

This ensures that all of your hair is securely fastened and does not fall out when you move your head.

Step 3. Secure with a tie.

Secure your ponytail with two hairbands to keep it secure and in place throughout the day.

Step 4. Keep your hairbands hidden.

Wrap a one-inch length of hair from your ponytail around your hairbands and pin it in place.

This will give the look a more polished, high-fashion appearance.

Step 5. Backcombing

Backcomb the mid-lengths of your ponytail with a small fine-toothed comb to add volume.

Step 6. Finish with hairspray.

If your hair has frizz or flyaways, run your fingers through it after spraying to smooth it down.

Step 7. And… you’re finished!

It’s as simple as that! Want to spice up your high ponytail? Simply add a few strategically placed hair accessories for an instant evening refresh.

3 High ponytail hairstyles to try out right now

1. Bryce Dallas Howard’s High Bubble Ponytail

When your high ponytail hairstyle becomes stale, relying on hair accessories is the simplest method to update your look. Still not convinced? One look at Bryce Dallas Howard’s blinged-out bubble ponytail should be enough to persuade you.

Whether you go with glittery hair rings or a belt, you’ll have a #slayable ‘do.

2. Selena Gomez’s braided fishtail ponytail

When you combine fishtail braids and ponytails, you get a timeless look: the fishtail braided high ponytail. This look is every bohemian lover’s fantasy and a must-have for any event.

3. Romantic wavy ponytail

Wavy ponytails are ideal for any occasion, from the Jonathan Simkhai AW17 runway to the red carpet. Join us in admiring Jennifer Lopez’s high ponytail and giving the style a try for yourself.​​

Conclusion on High Ponytail Hairstyles

We’ve approached the very end of this enlightening article on high ponytail hairstyles. As a woman, looking good is always a good business, being able to step out with a proper and well fitted ponytail hairstyle is of course a thing. Keep coming back to Iya magazine for more!

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