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How to create lasting bond with your pet

Okay, so you just got a new cat and it’s not giving you that energy you see from your neighbor or friend’s pet whenever you go visiting.

Or, perhaps it’s your first-ever dog and you’re wondering why it doesn’t seem to wag its tail and warm up to you when you come in after a long day.

Well, just as it is with our human relationships, building a lasting bond with animals takes time. You must be ready to put in the necessary efforts it takes to get them to trust you.


Dog, cat, bird, or whatever kind of pet: find out tips on how to spark up that lifelong relationship with them in this article.

Patience, please

Cat scratch

Good things take time. Cast your mind back to your first day in school and how you felt in a completely new surrounding or context. Yes! That same feeling of uncertainty, oddness, and loneliness you felt is probably what your new pet is going through at the moment.

We know you’ve seen other people get all mushy and cuddly with their Dogs or cat and you can’t wait to replicate that at home with yours, but you have to understand that three days won’t do. Give them time to know you and settle into their new home and environment and you’ll be amazed at what time can do.

Give it a personal space

One of the easiest and quickest ways to get a pet to loosen up and get to settle in a new environment is to give it its own space. This is necessary to afford him some alone time to take-it-all-in and come to terms with his new reality.

A strategic space somewhere in the corner of the house, but where he can still get to have a good view of all that’s happening would do a lot of good. Make sure the area is as comfortable as possible and accord it the same level of respect you would demand from others trying to get into your room or personal space.

Feed it well


Animals don’t watch their weight; neither do they have any religious leanings that would make them obliged to fast. If you won’t love to stay long hours hungry or go to bed on an empty stomach, then, with all due respect, don’t subject your pet to that.

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Apart from feeding your pet well, ensure to keep it on time. It is advisable to plan a daily feeding routine that covers how many times they get to eat per day and at what exact time of the day they get to eat.

This is necessary to raise anticipation and to keep them in the feeding mood when that time comes around.

Treats and toys

One of the ways we let people know how much we love them and value our relationship with them is by getting them treats and gifts. We all feel valued when loved ones get us fancy stuff, either to mark an important day or a memorable occasion.

This also works the same way with animals. Getting pet-specific toys and treats to mark special dates and moments goes a long way in getting them to warm up and give us their trust.

Special dates like birthdays and the date they came in shouldn’t count as just any other day. Get them special treats or toys at the pet store to mark important dates like those. Exceptional feats and behaviors shouldn’t go unrewarded too.

Spend quality time together 

Even the most “Awwwest’ of relationships would lose its spark or magic when there’s little or no time spent together.

All your other efforts would mean nothing if you don’t make some time, out of your busy schedule, to play with your pet and shower them with some love and affection.

Cutting down on some of your daily social media or TV time and spending them on cuddling and playing with your animal friend would help to create that lasting bond you seek.

Go on a trip together

Just like it is with us humans, animals get tired of being confined to the same setting every day too. Having to stare at the same four walls or compound scenery 24/7, 365 can bore the heck out of animals like dogs especially.

Consider spicing up your relationship with your pet by taking it out on an excursion or trip together. Going out to visit a friend? Go with them. Or, are you on a trip to a park? Let them tag along.

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As you both spend time in an unusual terrain and savor the new experience together, you’ll be strengthening the bond between you.

Also, your pet having to depend on you for guidance in an alien environment would help them to get to trust and love you more.

Training time

Pet training

Communication is the bedrock of every relationship. Teaching your dog or cat new commands will go a long way in bringing both of you closer.

Training sessions would help to mentally stimulate your pet and also would serve as a window of quality attention and affection time from you, which will be very advantageous to your relationship.

Keeping your training sessions as brief as possible is, however, important. This is because animals have short attention spans. Also, always ensure to attach some rewards to your training session to enforce good performance and behavior.


Building a long-lasting bond with pets takes dedication, commitment, and time.

You have to be prepared to put in the necessary level of work needed to make it work.

Sincerity also Is needed while relating with your animal friends as they are much smarter than we think and can see through every façade.

Treat them with love and respect and you’ll be amazed at how good they are at reciprocating.

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