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How to Sleep Better and Maximize your Fitness

By Femi Paseda

Sleep is essential for overall health. It is great for mental recovery, physical rehabilitation and, of course, muscle recovery after your fitness routines. This means that getting enough sleep is an essential aspect of every woman’s life if you want to make fitness a lifestyle. The good news here is that we will be pointing out actionable steps to getting enough sleep and eventually living a healthy life.

1. Stay away from your mobile device at night

The major reason why women, especially African women, find it difficult to sleep is that we just love having our mobile devices with us before we go to bed. Your phone is a device and not an extra attachment to the body, which is why you need to keep your phone away from you when you want to sleep. Yes, you might say that having your phone close to you is important in case of emergencies, but you can keep it a fair distance away from you to prevent distractions from social media and late-night communications with friends and work. If you love your good sleep, then you need to keep your devices far from you when it’s time to rest.

2. Eat early

Are you a late-night snacker? Do you even eat heavy foods before it is bedtime? Then you’re only writing a letter to constipation. Constipation is closely associated with insomnia-related symptoms, which means that when you consume your food late, you are making it difficult for you to get good sleep at night. The ideal time for you to have your dinner is 7 pm, and if you feel hungry after this, take water and not Eba – it’s for your wellbeing.

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3. Read a book

If you want to sleep properly, take a book and read when it’s time to go to bed. When we’re talking about books, we’re not talking about Kindle or other forms of eBooks on your mobile or laptop but a real book you can enjoy. Once you start reading to a certain point, you will begin to notice yourself yawning, and sleeping will come to you effortlessly. Once you drop this book, you will start sleeping almost immediately. You can take health-related or political books but not something you like to the point where you will read for hours.

4. Avoid taking alcohol at night

It might seem like taking a nice glass of wine or having a cup of cream before going to bed can induce sleep, but it has the exact opposite effect on your sleep. Instead, what it does is that it negatively influences your hormones and overall sleep patterns. You will start to notice disruptions in your sleep and wake up a lot more times than you would like affecting the activities for the day. So, avoid taking alcohol when you’re going to bed and enjoy the best of sleep.

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Bottom Line

Sleep is important for overall fitness and health, which is why you need to do whatever you can to get good sleep. If you’re finding it hard to get quality sleep, use these tips; make some lifestyle changes and watch your body respond properly to your fitness routines which helps you look good and feel great.

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