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I Am Tired of My Marriage

A user had asked

” Hello Lara, how are you? please I’m tired of my marriage,i feel my husband doesn’t love me, he shouts at me at any given opportunity.lm regretting the marriage and I have four  pink angels.oh!!!how I regret,i would have been in London enjoying but I’m here suffering. I chose him over my a corp member that we served together at Adamawa state, please help me I don’t know what to do,I’m thinking of divorce”




I will need more than you have told me to be able to advise you.
Having said that, this is not the time for regrets or pity party. You can’t undo what is in the past. Your Adamawa corper boyfriend has moved on I’m sure. That’s if he is not happily married now. So let the past be there.
Back to you and your husband, I need more details.
What is really going?
Do you work?
Is your husband gainfully employed?
Have you guys sat down with a third party for mediation?
Like I said, I will need more information.
Keep hope alive.
Problems are not built to last- we are!
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