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Please Help: Heartbreak and Hepatitis B Virus



Good day ma

My name is Sarah came across your page on Facebook
You have made mention of a whole alot and it’s as if you were talking to me
I am in a place in my life it feels as tho my life have stopped completely.I really need to talk to someone going through major heartbreak within a year lost my job just struggling with life in general it feels am alone in these world.


First let me send you plenty hugs and light.

You are not alone.
We all go through these rough patches from time to time. Life is wired that way.
A heartbreak is tough. Trust me I know  I’ve been there severally but I have come to the conclusion that a heartbreak is always better than a life break.
Those married couples killed by their spouses would have been better heartbroken than losing their lives.
Job loss? So sorry to hear.
Get up and start scouting for a new one.
Open an account on LinkedIn and market your skills. Job opportunities abound there.
I wish you the very best.
Keep hope alive.
Problems are not built to last- we are!
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