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Health Benefits of Play for Women

Adulthood is not a call to make life all about taking care of work, making money, taking care of your spouse and making money. The recent song making the rounds popularly known as “Adulthood na scam” is hitting it big because a lot of us, especially women, find little to no time to play.

Well, by doing this, we’re taking a very important aspect of our lives away, and this can cost us. However, there is still a remedy for this. Finding time to play while working and in every one of our relationships has a lot of benefits, and we will be taking a look at a couple of them.

Importance of Play for Adult Women

Presently, there are a lot of things that can make us really unhappy, from the economic situation in the country, stress from work, sitting in traffic to other personal situations. However, there are many benefits of playing and seeing the fun in many situations:

  1. Helps Relieve Stress: finding time to play triggers the release of feel-good chemicals known as endorphins. The release of these chemicals helps promote good health as it also helps to relieve body pains.
  2. Improves your connection with others: having fun at work and finding time to play with others can improve our connection with them. It helps to reduce the level of stress in any environment, improving business relationships and helping you make connections with new friends.
  3. Helps to keep you energetic: when you play, you have increased energy levels because you constantly move your body. This movement keeps you active, helping your immune system resist diseases and function perfectly. This is why you see some women so happy and energetic and healthy in their old age – because they always find time to play and remain happy.
  4. Improves your creativity: for a lot of us women, our level of creativity reduces as we get older, and this is because we get weighed down with the mantle of responsibility. If you play often, you have an improved level of creativity, and this helps with work and every other thing you do.
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How to Play at work and in Relationships

Play is one of the most effective ways to improve your relationships both at home and even at work. It is so important for your cooperation with others even in tough situations, as well as improved social skills. We find it difficult to keep a balance between keeping our respect and playing, but the fact still remains that we can have fun and still maintain a high level of respect.

Bottom Line

As we popularly say in Nigeria, “problem no dey finish.” Find time to have fun, find time to play and do the things you love because you only have one life to live. It is healthy; it keeps you going even when things are not going the way you expect, and it boosts your level of creativity. If you have been serious with everything, find time to play; release the inner woman in you because you deserve complete happiness.

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