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How to listen to your body

By Femi Paseda

Do you listen to your body as often as you should? Well, if you don’t, you need to listen to your body very often because it helps you remain healthy, especially when it comes to different aspects of your life, your nutrition, and exercise routines.

Aside from the need to live healthily, it also helps you understand how much exercise you can take when you exercise, how much rest you need, and, of course, how you react to certain diets.

Tips for listening to your body

If you want to be able to listen to your body for better health, here are some of the best tips you need:

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is not just for keeping tabs on people owing you and your business goals; it’s also something that can help you understand how you feel at the time. Your journal can contain information like the amount of sleep you get, the way you feel after you take that pepper soup, and how your body responds when you jug in the morning. This way, you know what your body needs, what causes adverse reactions, and what you need to do a lot more intensely.

Make Time for Yourself

Time is an asset of undeniable value, and no matter how hard you work, there is still going to be a new set of work waiting for you, especially if you are a high-flying woman. As our Nigerian people always say, “work no dey ever finish,” which is why you need to ensure that you make time for yourself, no matter how small. It does not have to be a stretch of hours because even a couple of minutes where you relax and think about how you feel can do the trick.

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Meditation is a self-care and calming practice you can use to understand and listen to your body. This steady practice of sitting still and breathing increases your body awareness and helps you understand whether you are stressed and need to relax. It helps to clear your mind giving you a clean slate to listen to your body better.

Notice How Your Body Reacts to Exercise

Exercising is great for the body, but some are more beneficial to the body than others. Taking note of how your body feels also helps you pick the things that benefit you and the ones that stress you, and this makes it possible for you to choose what is beneficial to you and what is not. Exercise is great, but not every exercise yields the same result, so when you get back from a workout, reminisce on your feelings throughout the day so you can know what to concentrate on and what to ditch.

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Bottom Line
Listening to your body is essential to your overall health. It helps you understand the things that benefit you the most, as well as the things that do not. This allows you to fine-tune your activities to things that benefit your health. It also helps you catch problems on time before they become bigger and more problematic.

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