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The Secret to Glowing Skin Is Hiding in Your Home By Folashade Ogunlade

As women, it is a thing of joy and pride for friends and colleagues to look at our skins and admire the glow and smoothness. However, when a lot of factors like hormones, dry weather and stress come knocking, it might seem difficult to look as good as we want. The good news is that no matter how difficult you have been finding it to get that glowing skin, the answers might just be in your home. Here are some of the best tips for achieving that glowing skin you have always wanted.

Make it a habit to Have Regular baths (twice a day or more, depending on your schedule)

Before we go about pointing out anything special, it is paramount that we point out that you need to have your bath at least twice a day for your skin to look and feel great. If you have been in the habit of bathing at least once a day or once in two days, then there is no skincare routine that can save your skin from looking scaly and rough. So, take regular baths, and these routines will do the trick for you.

  • Olive oil

Almost all of us have olive oils in our homes, and the majority of us here in Nigeria use it as prayer oil. However, aside from being something synonymous with our religion, olive oil contains Vitamin A, D, K, and E. These vitamins have antioxidant properties which protect the skin and keep it from any form of damage. All you need to do is apply enough oil to cover your face, and you can get great skin care results. If you have issues with pimples, skip this part because it will only clog your skin pores and increase your chances of getting more pimples.

  • Baking Soda Scrub
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Whenever we hear baking soda, the first thing that comes to mind is bread, but it helps with the preparation of far more than bread and can serve as a healthy skincare routine for smooth and glowing skin. You can use baking powder as a facial scrub by combining it with water to give it that scrubby feeling. For a gentle and moisturizing feeling, you can add olive oil to the mix.

  • Aloe-vera

Do you have aloe vera in your home? Well, it has medicinal properties that help hydrate and keep your skin looking fresh and smooth. All you need to do is take a single aloe vera leaf, squeeze out all the liquid and apply it directly to your skin. For those of us who might find it difficult to get aloe vera, you can purchase over-the-counter aloe vera gel for the best results.

  • Water

It might seem like an everyday essential we all know about and use, but most of us do not hydrate our skins as much as we ought to. So, you need to take enough water daily to keep the skin properly hydrated. As a woman, you are expected to take at least ten cups of water daily. If you’re not taking enough water, then you’re drying your skin and putting yourself under immense pressure when what you can use is right in front of you.

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Bottom Line

So, here you have it. As you can see, you can have clean and glowing skin without spending a fortune. All you need is constant bathing, a routine (based on these tips) that works and, of course, the consistency to keep it going. It is a lifestyle, and as long as you can keep it going, you’ll never stop looking pretty. Until next time when we bring you some wonderful style tips; always look good, and feel good.

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